Babosa Murti Staphana on Manju Baisa Birthday

Murti Staphana happened at Nigam Bodg Ghat and Vishwakarma Mandir on 18-03-2017 in the presence of Manju Baisa and all of the Babosa Devotees.


Within Hinduism there are special ceremonies where sacred images are formally installed in temples. These installation ceremonies are generally given two names: Murti Sthapana and Prana Pratishta. The word murti means sacred image and “sthapana” means “placing,” and so the murti sthapana ceremony is the “placing of the sacred image.” The other term, Prana Pratishta is a little less common, but is still prevalent. “Prana” means “breath” and “pratishta”means “establishing,” and so the Prana Pratishta ceremony is literally “establishing the breath” within the sacred image. In other words, it is bringing the sacred image to life. Instead of repeating both terms, I will just use the term Murti Sthapana to mean both. The Murti Sthapana ceremony is fairly common in the West at the present time because there is a renaissance of Hinduism taking place as many new temples are being established. In another generation or so such ceremonies will likely become less common. In temples the ceremonies are generally elaborate and may last for many days and include many priests. Such ceremonies include immersing the sacred image in water, rice, and flowers; bathing the sacred image in milk, yogurt, clarified butter (ghee) and other sacred substances, and performing many havans/homas and pujas. Generally, a Murti Sthapana ceremony is not performed in private homes, or if it is, the ceremony is much simpler.


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